Accessibility Policy

To make web content and services accessible for all users, including people with disabilities, FirstClass Group Tickets website follows the main guidelines of accessibility recommendation.

The following guidelines are respected:

  • the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA).
  • the standard on website accessibility of the government of Québec (SGQRI 008-01).

Compliance with accessibility standards

In its current version, FirstClass Group Tickets site meets the greatest majority of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0) level 1 and level 2 accessibility.


A text equivalent is provided for meaningful images when they are not described in the text they illustrate.


The information provided by colour is also available without colour. The level of colour contrast background and foreground is sufficiently high for persons with disabilities in terms of colours or to be displayed on a black and white.


The main language of each page is specified with the required attributes.


The site uses links to “skip navigation” at the beginning of each page to access the most important sections.

Web Accessibility Evaluation Tools

The following tools were used to ensure accessibility and to verify compliance of the government website standards AODA and SGQRI 008-01:

  • a Web accessibility evaluation tool funded by the government of Ontario (AChecker)
  • a screen reader emulator extension for Firefox (FANGS)
  • a plugin to check the accessibility of a web page (Firefox Accessibility Extension)
  • a Firefox add-on to check color contrast accessibility (Juicy Studio Accessibility Toolbar)
  • a screen reader for MS Windows (NVDA)
  • a screen Reader (JAWS)


You can increase the text size of on our Web pages by changing the parameters of your browser.

To Obtain Assistance

We are here to help. If you are having difficulty filling out a form or reading a publication please call us at 1-647-201-3349 or email us