What is the Preferred Partner Perks Program?

Showcase bill board of FirstClass Group Tickets Preferred Partners Perks Program

Showcase bill board of FirstClass Group Tickets Preferred Partners Perks Program

Our Preferred Partners Perks Program offers discount and group tickets to your employees, colleagues, association members and family and friends to a variety of upcoming world class events. You have two choices. Option 1 or Option 2.

Option #1

By coordinating a group of 10* or more, FirstClass Group Tickets can offer you typically a 20%-30% savings off the regular ticket prices and service charges.This program is a great opportunity for groups to network with fellow members and associates and enjoy quality entertainment at the best discounted prices.

How it works:

It’s as simple as 1-2-3 ... share the provided event information with your group, organize your ticket numbers and collect payments from your group members. FirstClass Group Tickets will do the rest.

We will ensure…
a. You receive the best block of seats for your group.
b. Everyone in your group is seated together.
c. Receive your tickets in a timely manner.
Additional tickets may be added to your order as needed at the group discounted ticket price. Also, as an additional perk to this program, Group Leaders will occasionally be entered into draws for complimentary tickets, merchandise, and/or amazing event day activities**.

Option #2

If you are not able to coordinate a group, but would like to offer your network a savings of up to 20% off the regular online ticket prices, FirstClass Group Tickets is pleased to provide you with a link and to purchase tickets independently and directly online. (*additional online fees may apply).

How it works:

It’s as simple as 1-2-3 … All we require is a designated person in your group to receive a personalized email offer from FirstClass Group Tickets that can be shared through your social networks, bulletin boards, newsletters, etc. with your coworkers/employees, members, friends and family.

FirstClass Group Tickets will provide a one-page PDF/digital flyer for circulation in your network. The flyer will include the following information:

• Your groups exclusive promotional discount with an online link.
• Event details and ticket information
• Offer expiration date and additional fee information
• Contact information for anyone who may have questions or need assistance with their ticket purchase.

Please email us at info@FirstClassGroupTickets.com or call us at 647-201-3349 for additional information on the Preferred Partners Perks Program. Also, please join the FirstClass VIP Club for our email newsletter and receive further event announcements and contests**.

*Group sizes vary from event to event. Please refer to specific event information and to our Sales Policy.
**Group Leader contests, promotions, merchandise, incentives and event day activities vary from event to event.